Temple Israel Stands with Israel

Temple Israel Stands with Israel

Dear Friends,

As one Jewish family we are called upon to do all we can to respond to the current crisis in Israel. Our Israeli brothers and sisters need our help. Below you will find suggestions for seven ways you can take action. 

With blessings that light may overtake the darkness,

Rabba Kaya


We Pray for the Hostages

Update: We are grateful for Ella’s release on Sunday, November 27, but know that she will have a challenging road ahead. Please keep her, her sister Dafna and mother Maayan, as well as all the hostages still in captivity, in your thoughts and prayers.

Message from USCJ:

On the Return of Hostages to Israel
For over forty days Jewish communities around the world have been chanting Acheinu kol beit Yisrael, our siblings, the entirety of the house of Israel, who have been taken captive, may Adonai look over them. We have been singing together for their release and redemption. It is a watershed moment to have the hostages begin to be freed, returned to their homes and their families. We know that the journey ahead of them is long and arduous. We recognize some of the challenges they face: the world from which they were taken has drastically changed; some of these innocents are going home to discover loved ones who are dead; their homes ravished in fires; their communities devastated. We know that we cannot know the other nightmares and challenges that they will encounter. We can offer hope, prayer and love and a commitment to stand by them through the days, months and years ahead. HaMakom yerachem aleihem, may the Holy One bring consolation to them, now and in the coming days, months and years.


Stay informed

Follow trustworthy sources.


Times of Israel


Jerusalem Post

Brandeis Schusterman Center for Israel Studies: Israel at War

CJP: Israel Under Attack resource page

Jewish Federation of NH maintains a statewide resource: Israel Connections

Shalom Hartman Institute

USCJ Israel Resource Page

Give tzedakah

Timely links are found in the temple’s weekly bulletin, including:

Organizations Needing Support – Curated by JFNH

HIAS  “HIAS continues to respond to the needs of those impacted by the brutal attacks in Israel. Here’s just a few ways your donation will go swiftly to work – it will help: – Distribute basic supplies, like hygiene kits, school materials, and blankets; – Give cash vouchers, especially to people in shelters, so that they can buy the materials and resources they need to survive; – Offer support for local partners who are able to give shelter, medical services, and legal aid.”

Mazon Works to alleviate food insecurity in Israel.

Oasis of Peace: The American Friends of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam (“Oasis of Peace” in Hebrew and Arabic) supports the operations, programs, and initiatives of Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam, a unique and inspiring cooperative village jointly founded by Israeli Jews and Arabs in 1972 to explore lived solutions to peace in the region.

Yatom “Your support is helping vulnerable children in Israel.”


On October 18, Rabba Kaya led a Community Prayer Vigil for Peace in the historic sanctuary.

Attend Shabbat services in person, or the 5:30 pm Tuesday minyan via Zoom.

Listen to Songs of Healing and Peace, collected into a Spotify playlist by Rabba Kaya.

Tefila with the Names of our Kidnapped courtesy USCJ

Prayers for Israel

Prayers- Israel in Crisis, from the RA and USCJ


Write an email, send a text, or make a phone call to your elected representatives. In your community, classroom, or social media platform – let the world know that you stand with Israel.

Wear a blue ribbon in support of the hostages’ safe return.

Participate in the One Minute a Day challenge to raise awareness about the plight of the hostages with our elected officials. Daily scripts provided on the website to help organize your calls.

The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies Israel Emergency Campaign includes a variety of programs and initiatives. See their recent flyer for a list.

Bring more light into the world

Commit to doing one mitzvah or a kind deed every day, that we might tilt the world toward light, compassion and peace.

Reach out

Many of us have family and friends in Israel. (or friends with family in Israel). Letting someone know that they are not alone is an important gesture. Make a call, send a text or email asking how they are doing and letting them know they are in our hearts.

Resources for talking with children about the conflict in Israel. It’s important to let children know that the adults in their lives are here to support them and talk to them about their feelings. This can be a daunting task but see the links below for tips on how to start a conversation.

Tips for parents of elementary school children

Tips for parents of middle school children

After Terror: 5 Jewish Ways to Help Kids Deal

How to Talk to Kids about What’s happening in Israel Right Now

Additional resources for parents


Resources for talking with teens about the conflict in Israel and antisemitism on campus. I

Moving Traditions offers a wealth of resources and timely webinars for teens and their parents


Put personal politics aside

Our community is constituted by a membership with a range of political views both in America and Israel. Now is the time to set our differences aside and stand united in support of Israel’s safety and security.