School and Membership Fees

Dues and fees for the 2023-2024 membership and school year (July 2023 – June 2024) are shown here.


See which of our membership categories fits your situation. First year dues are heavily discounted!

  • Young adult: Under age 30 with no children. (First year: $378. Then: $543)
  • Single: Ages 30 and over, without a partner or children. (First year: $728. Then: $1,243)
  • Single with children: Includes single parents and parents whose partner is not a temple member. (First year: $913. Then: $1,613)
  • Couple: Two adults without children under age 21. (First year: $1,100. Then: $1,900)
  • Family: Two adults age 30 or over, with children under age 21. (First year: $1,182. Then: $2,065)

Prices include dues, plus fees to support the Cemetery Fund (charged only during the first 10 years of membership) and the Building and Security funds.

Dues Adjustments: Inability to pay the full dues should never be a barrier to becoming a Temple Israel member! If the dues amount is not within your financial means, please check the box on our Membership Application to request a confidential conversation about an adjustment to your dues, based on your individual circumstances.

Dues Plus: Dues Plus is a voluntary pledge to pay a higher level of dues, so that those who are financially able may help offset the adjustments requested by other members. Amounts paid are always confidential, whether a member pays the set dues amount, requests an adjustment, or chooses to participate in Dues Plus and pay more. This reflects the fact that every member of Temple Israel is needed, important and equally valued.

Religious School Tuition

  • Grades K-2 (1 day): $740
  • Grades 3+ (2 days): $995
  • B’nei Mitzvah: $1,500 (covers individual tutoring, use of the Social Hall)
  • Registration fee: $25

Early Learning Center Fees

  • TIP Member – 3 days: $4,834
  • TIP Member – 4 days: $6,445
  • TIP Member – 5 days: $7,680
  • TIP Nonmember – 3 days: $6,382
  • TIP Nonmember – 4 days: $8,509
  • TIP Nonmember – 5 days: $10,637
  • Registration fee: $125
  • Refundable key fob deposit: $25
  • Summer camp: $250