We join together to celebrate our holidays throughout the year, including Rosh Hashanah, a sweet beginning; breaking the fast as a community after the final blast of the shofar on Yom Kippur; gathering in our sukkah for songs and snacks; dancing to a live klezmer band on Simchat Torah; eating latkes and lighting candles together on Hanukkah; greeting Purim with groggers, hamentashen, Megillah reading and a Purim carnival; holding community seders for Pesach and Tu B’Shevat; and learning a bit of Torah together on Shavuot.



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Join Temple Israel for Passover!

Temple Israel has a great lineup of Passover events!
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Previous Holidays & Festivals

High Holidays and Fall Festivals 2020

This past High Holiday and fall festival season was like no other in a wide variety of ways, but at Temple Israel we made the most of it. Rediscover the sermons, songs, prayers and teachings.

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