Tu BiShvat is Right Around the Corner!


Don’t forget to register for “Tu BiShvat in a box,” coming to our Social Hall this Wednesday at 5:00 pm! Students of all ages will learn about the four stages of the Tu BiShvat Seder as they fill a box to take home and celebrate at their own table. Masks are required, and social distancing will be observed at this event. Help us plan for enough apples and pomegranates for everyone!



How else can your family celebrate the new year for trees in 2022? Here are a few simple ideas you can do at home to observe the holiday and help your community at the same time!

Plant Some Herbs

Keeping an herb garden in your home is a great way to have fresh ingredients on hand all the time and if you plant now, you’ll have parsley in time for Pesach!

Pick Up That Trash!
There’s an app for that… no, really! Download this app for your smartphone and log the trash you and your family pick up while walking the dog, hiking the trail, or just strolling around town.

Clean Planet Project App 


Make A Mitzvah Tree
This can be a fun project for kids of all ages! Put a cutout of a bare tree on a wall in your home and then whenever someone in your family does a mitzvah, put a new leaf on the tree. Watch it grow as you do mitzvot for each other and by springtime, you’ll have a tree as full of leaves as the ones outside your window!


Color a Tree
Have the kids color in some fun coloring pages, then bring them into the Shul. We’ll collect them and send them to Color A Smile, an organization that sends fun drawings to seniors and soldiers around the country.

Find some coloring pages here to get started


Get Digging! Virtually…
The ground might be too hard to break out the shovels here in New England but that doesn’t mean you can’t help plant some trees! Follow the links below to donate to some worthy organizations and plant a tree in the U.S. or in Israel… or make it a double mitzvah and plant in both!

Arbor Day Foundation  

Jewish National Fund 


Be Your Brother’s Keeper
Climate change is affecting us all, some much more than others. As the Torah teaches us to be responsible for each other, consider making a donation in honor of the holiday to help those affected by disasters around the globe. Follow the link below to find a list of organizations where your gift can make an impact.

Disaster Relief 


Listen Up!
Looking to make sense of all the talk around climate change? Here are a few great podcasts to get you started. Listen in and see how climate change is affecting you and more importantly, what you can do about it!

5 Climate Action Podcasts You Should be Listening to







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