Announcing Yachad Shabbat

Written by: Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman
August 9, 2021

We are thrilled to announce our new inter-generational Shabbat morning experience-Yachad Shabbat. Yachad is a Hebrew word meaning “altogether.”

After Sukkot, we will begin welcoming everyone (Hebrew School families and all congregants) to celebrate Shabbat morning with us. As children arrive in their classrooms, bagels and coffee will be served in the Shmooze at 9:00 am, followed by a choice of learning with Rabba Kaya or yoga in the Social Hall from 9:15 – 9:55 am.

Shabbat morning services in the Sanctuary at 10:00 am will include participation by community members and Hebrew school students, after which students will return to their classrooms for an hour of Torah study and discovery. At the end of the Torah service, students will rejoin the congregation and take turns leading concluding prayers or sharing something learned in class before the community kiddush at noon.

We hope this Yachad Shabbat initiative will offer the entire congregation a rich experience of Jewish life and community. Plans will be adjusted as necessary, depending on current temple COVID protocols.




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