Fall Festivals

Fall Festivals

Let's Celebrate Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah!

Join Temple Israel for upcoming Fall Festivals

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Sukkot Events

Join Temple Israel for Sukkot!

Help us build our sukkah
September 19th, 9am. More info

Sukkot Picnic at Strawbery Banke
Monday, September 20th, 6:00pm.

Welcome-in the festival together with the Piscataqua Havurah and TIP. Bring a picnic dinner and a chair. More info

Sukkot Yom Tov service
Sukkot services in the Sanctuary
Tuesday, September 21st, 10am.

A service with Hallel, Lulav and Etrog in the sanctuary. Kiddush in our sukkah. More info

Kabbalat Shabbat Sukkot Service & Picnic 
Friday, September 24th, 6:00pm
Strawbery Banke Sukkah

Bring a picnic dinner and a chair.

Shabbat services
Saturday, September 25th, 10:00am.

Lulav Parade & Picnic Lunch
Sunday, September 26th, 11am
Spiller Farm, Wells, Maine

Join us for a family-friendly Sukkot celebration at the beautiful Spiller Farm in Wells, Maine. Parade with your lulav and etrog! Bring a chair and a picnic lunch. More info and Parking Notes

Visit the Sukkah at TIP!

During the week of Sukkot (Monday evening Sept. 20 through Monday Sept. 27 before sunset), fulfill the mitzvah “to dwell” in the sukkah. Bring a snack, have a seat and recite this blessing:

Barukh Atah Adonai Eloheinu Melekh ha-olam asher kidshanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu lei’sheiv ba-sukkah. 
Blessed is Adonai our G-d who sanctifies us with mitzvot and with this mitzvah to sit in the sukkah.

  • The playground gates will be unlocked between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm. (The Early Learning Center is in session weekdays until 1:00 pm.)
  • Folding chairs will be available in the sukkah.
  • Please do not leave any trash in the playground.
  • Playground equipment is reserved for use by children ages 5 and younger.
  • No reservation is required; please be mindful about sharing the space with others.

Simchat Torah & Shemini Atzeret

Shemini Atzeret / Simchat Torah events

Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah services
Services in the Sanctuary including Torah readings and Yizkor
Tuesday, Sept. 28, 10 am.

Shemini Atzeret Morning Service, Siddur Lev Shalem

Hallel Torah Service, Siddur Lev Shalem

Yizkor Book PDF

Shemini Atzeret – Torah Reading, Etz Hayim

Outdoor Simchat Torah Celebration
Tuesday, September 28th, 5:30pm. See below for details!

Simchat Torah Service PDF


Pizza & The Klezwoods

Tuesday, September 28

Please join us for a pizza dinner at 5:30 pm, followed by a community-wide Simchat Torah celebration with “Klezwoods” Klezmer band and ice cream buffet. Kindly register to help us plan refreshments!

The Klezwoods Story & Sound

Klezwoods is a Boston and New England-based party band that performs music of the Jewish, Eastern European and Arabic traditions with a modern edge. The group has appeared at the Kennedy Center, The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and at Fenway Park. The group’s sound is an amalgam of strings, horns and percussion that melds the spirit of these styles with modern grooves, improvisation and melodies. In the spirit of America’s melting pot, these voices are brought together to make a new sound that is truly their own, while still embracing the cultures from which the music is stemmed.