Covid-19 Response & Resources

Covid-19 Response & Resources

Temple Israel is taking Covid-19 very seriously.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Temple Israel community is staying safe, active and connected through a wide range of online, outdoor and (limited) indoor activities. Please check our calendar or read on for more information.

  • All Shabbat and holiday services are available on Zoom. Please contact the temple office to request the link or check the weekly bulletin.
  • Committee meetings, adult education classes, and any other events are also being held virtually on Zoom or Facebook Live.

Covid-19 Preparedness

Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, and welcoming Jewish experience for our members. We are guided by the following Jewish principles: Safeguarding Life – Pikuah Nefesh, Extraordinary Moment – She’at Hadehak, Profound Love & Kindness – Hesed.

The plan incorporates:

  • Hygiene and respiratory etiquette
  • Infection prevention
  • Controls for social distancing
  • Housekeeping protocols
  • Logistics for daily operations
  • Communication and training
  • Management and supervision

Resources & Updates

Livestream Services

Some Temple Israel events are being offered via live stream on our Facebook Page. No Facebook account is necessary.

Most services are held via Zoom. For Zoom information please contact the Temple Office.

Check our Calendar or This Week emails for the latest social distancing events and activities!

Learn more about using tech on Shabbat and holidays here.

Prayer book PDFs

Browse and download siddur pdfs – made available by the Rabbinical Assembly* – as well as Covid-specific prayers and resources on our Pray page!

Browse and Download Siddur PDFs

*These texts are kindly made available in this format by the publisher for the duration of the pandemic only. Pages printed at home which become damaged or are no longer in use should be brought to the temple office for proper disposal in the genizah (not recycled or thrown in the trash).

Covid Resources & Prayers


Guidance Documents from the Re-imagining Committee

The Re-imagining Committee presents the following documents outlining Temple Israel’s ongoing plans to mitigate the risk of disease transmission:

Updated Plan for Reconvening in Person (as of June 29, 2021)

Plan for Reconvening in Person (effective August 15, 2020, updated April 13, 2021)

Reopening FAQ

Statement of Responsibilities

Event Reservation & Planning Form

NEW 11-20-2020: Request Support from the Annual Fund  Committee chairs and event planners facing Covid-19-related expenses not covered in the budget should use this form to request support from the Annual Fund 2020 Drive. The Development Committee reviews support requests on a rolling basis.

Members are encouraged to contact the temple office with their thoughts, concerns, and questions. The Re-imagining Committee will be reviewing and updating these documents regularly.

Special note from the Tzedakah Committee:

The Tzedakah Committee is available to provide you with limited short-term support during difficult times.

Please notify Rabba Kaya if you need assistance for food, medicine, or help with a bill. She will forward your request to the Tzedakah Committee.

Email Rabba Kaya


Tech Help Offered!

TIP Religious School student Jordan Caracoglia’s Bar Mitzvah project involves helping the tech-challenged among us get up to speed. Need a Zoom tutorial or other tech help? Please click the link below to get in touch.

Contact Jordan via the temple office