Spotlight on Israel Speakers

Please join us for a Speaker Series hosted by the Temple Israel Brotherhood and Israel Affairs Committee. Refreshments will be provided. Prior registration is requested via the temple website calendar.

Sunday, 2/11, 11:00 am, Social Hall: Moshe Perez

For the past 20 years, Moshe has worked in the field of education, specializing in working with teenagers with a wide range of challenges. He served in the IDF and in the Reserves, in operations in south Lebanon and in Gaza. He recently returned from two weeks of voluntary service in the National Search and Rescue unit of the home front command of the IDF. He is fluent in Arabic, Turkish, and other languages. With his extensive background and experience, Moshe is in a unique position to discuss, among other topics, the generational differences in perceptions of the Israel/Gaza war and welcomes questions and discussion.



Sunday, 2/25, 11:00 am, Social Hall: Jared Goldfarb, Understanding Narrative & Nuance in Israel and Palestine

Please join us in welcoming Jared Goldfarb for an honest conversation about war, the prospects of peace, and everything in between.

About our speaker: Jared Goldfarb is an independent educator and licensed tour guide who teaches the history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, biblical geography, and the geopolitical history of Israel/Palestine, to religious leaders of all faiths, educators, seminarians and university students from around the world. He lives in Jerusalem, where he raised his three children, and spends his free time educating toward sustainable zero-waste living, hiking the holy land, cooking healthy vegan meals, and doing genealogical research.





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