Unfolding events in Israel

Written by: Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman

Dear friends,

As unprecedented events unfold in Israel, I am forwarding a message (below) from the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire which includes helpful links for further reading.

In this season of liberation, in this springtime month of Nisan, may we witness the unfolding of a higher good for all.

With blessings,
Rabba Kaya

Monday, March 27, 2023

The last 36 hours have been among the most tumultuous in Israel’s history. Like many of you, we at Jewish Federation of New Hampshire have been watching the unprecedented protests, strikes, and outrage in Israel over the proposed judicial reform. This has culminated in a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would delay controversial judicial reform legislation to avoid a “civil war.”

In response to the announcement, Jewish Federation released this statement alongside several other major Jewish organizations.

This analysis by Times of Israel senior analyst, Haviv Rettig Gur may be helpful to better understand the circumstances.

We hope the situation remains peaceful, and we support the people of Israel as they work to uphold Israel’s Jewish and democratic values.

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