New video about Temple Israel!

Written by: Heather Tomlinson

We’re so pleased to share this short video showcasing Temple Israel members. It has been a long time in the works!

In 2019, temple member Jeremy Kasten interviewed several congregants for a video introducing the synagogue to potential new members and convey why they should engage with the congregation. In the winter of 2020, congregant Dov Yellin edited Jeremy’s footage to shape the narrative. Dov completed the video by adding a soundtrack and current photos.

As we’re emerging from pandemic isolation and preparing to gather together in person again, we hope this video will pique newcomers’ interest, and remind current members of all you love about Temple Israel. Many thanks to all who participated, from Jeremy and Dov to those who shared photos of community activities, as well as interviewees David Bachrach, Ashley Barajas, Sam Berg, Fran Berman, Nicholas & Veronica Conley, Bob & Marge Goldberg, Amy Hyett, Ellen McQueeney, Joanne Samuels, Andrew Share, and Ira Schwartz.


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