Siddur Lev Shalem

Call for book orders! 

Copies of the new Siddur Lev Shalem may be ordered for personal use or to add to the congregation’s collection. Cost is $36 per copy.

To order one or more copies, please click the yellow “Add to Cart” button below, mail in a check, or contact the office with questions or special requests. The next book order will be placed in April or May; allow two weeks for delivery.


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Temple Israel gratefully accepts donations to the following funds, which support current programs and activities:


  • Danielle Harman Fund (arts education)
  • Hebrew School Fund
  • Israel Experience Fund (youth trips to Israel)
  • Library Fund
  • Preschool Fund
  • Youth Group Fund


  • Kiddush Fund
  • Music Fund
  • Prayerbook Fund
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
  • Social Action Fund
  • Tzedakah Fund (assisting community members in need)
  • Rabbi David Rafael Senter Memorial Fund


  • Landscape Fund
  • Security Fund

 Please click below to donate to one of these funds via PayPal. At checkout you can specify how you would like your donation applied, such as “Kiddush Fund.”



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Temple Israel Endowment Funds

Click below to donate to one of Temple Israel Portsmouth’s Endowment Funds via PayPal:

Temple Israel currently has 3 Endowments with a particular purpose for each fund.  As is usual with Endowments, principle investments are considered “untouchable” and are invested for perpetuity and it is only the interest earned that is spent annually.


Temple Israel Cultural Endowment

The fund was established in 1988, and currently supports multiple cultural and educational events taking place at the Temple and in the community each year.  Recent examples include Klezmer band at Simchat Torah, Community Passover Seder, Break the Fast after Yom Kippur, bus trips to cultural events in Boston,  speakers at Yom Hashoah, new member dinner, and multiple requests from Sisterhood and our Hebrew school.                                                   


Dinnerman-Rottenberg Educational Endowment

The interest on this fund directly supports the part of the annual budget that supports our Hebrew school.  Substantial growth of this fund may eventually allow our Hebrew school to be free for all students.


Institutional Operating Endowment

The interest earned on this fund directly supports the operating budget of the Temple Israel.  The principal will never be spent. This fund will assure the continued presence of a Jewish community on the seacoast in perpetuity.


Planned Giving 

Financial planning experts can show you how estate plans can be structured to earn our donors substantial incomes and also support vital Jewish community interests in future decades. 


Ira Schwartz

**Note: when you use PayPal to make a donation (either to one of the funds or to a Temple Event as they become listed), please email the Temple Office with this link describing how your donation is to be directed.


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