Holocaust Torah Committee






Mission Statement

The Memorial Scroll / Holocaust Committee exists to fulfill the congregation’s obligations as the custodian of MST Scroll 486. The committee will promote a higher awareness of the Holocaust as a unique historical event with universal implications for today. The committee will leverage the lessons of history to promote tolerance and understanding.


Maintain MST Scroll 486 in accordance with the terms of the Memorial Scrolls Trust. This includes ongoing insurance, maintenance by an authorized scribe as necessary and fulfilling financial obligations to the Trust.


MST Scroll 486 is an orphan scroll. The exact town of origin is unknown. The committee will facilitate a process of selecting a town to memorialize from the listing provided by the Trust. The committee will work with the appropriate congregational entities in memorializing the people of the town.

Internal Holocaust Education

The committee will work with other arms of the congregation to develop and sponsor Holocaust education programming appropriate to the various age groups and demographics of Temple Israel.

Holocaust Education in the Greater Community

The committee will work with other organizations and entities to promote Holocaust education in the greater community. The focus of such education shall include Holocaust remembrance and shall leverage the lessons of history to promote tolerance and understanding.


The committee shall raise funds to accomplish the goals stated above. These funds shall be placed in a restricted fund administered by the committee.