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Lotsa Helping Hands

How Can You Help?

    There are times when there is a need for help in our Temple community. To coordinate the community’s needs, we are using the Lotsa Helping Hands website.  We ask that all Temple members register by creating a login to Lotsa Helping Hands (see below for instructions). Please register even if you’re not in a position to help right now.  There is no obligation to commit and you may find lots you’re interested in or just want to know about!

Step One — Sign Up: In order to create your login, click on this link then  click on “Join this Community.”  Please fill out the form, which is a “Request to Join the Community” and set up your personal email to access it. Then click on SEND EMAIL to complete the form. Please record your email name and password for future use. The site (LHH) will then validate that you are a member and send you an email (usually within 48 hours) enabling you to sign in.

Step Two — Validate: After you receive the email that validates your Lotsa Helping Hands registration, please return to the Lotsa Helping Hands website to confirm for the site that your log-in and password work. 

Step Three — Volunteer: Return periodically to the site to check the calendar for community needs and responses. The easiest way to sign in after registration is to use the Temple Israel website ( on the VOLUNTEER and Use Lotsa Helping Hands  page for a direct log-in you can use or simply click on the hands below:  

Then log on to the site (top right for log in)



Why do this:

Sometimes the need for help is dire; sometimes it’s just to help someone get over a temporary gap in their lives; sometimes it’s a matter of real urgency.  We feel a sense of compassion and seriously want to help, but don’t know what to do.  Many times, the person we want to help is reticent to really spell out their need.  Many times, the needs are so great, they don’t know where to start. Often times we say, “Is there anything I can do for you?  What do you need?  Is there anything I can do to help you feel better, to take the pressure off of you? How often have we said this when we see a person in need? And anyway, few of us have unlimited time.  We could help with some things, but not with others.  What can we do and how to go about it? Lotsa Helping Hands will help with this and will provide ways that we can lend a helping hand – to our friends, to our neighbors, to our community, ways that will be truly meaningful and will make a difference in their lives and, in so doing, will enrich our own lives in ways that we may not realize now.   Even if we can’t devote huge blocks of time because of our own families, our jobs, our pre-existing commitments, we will find ways that can still engage with others’ needs and will result over-all in strengthening our community as a Kehilah Kedosha – a holy community – one in which kindness, empathy, chesed are principles that we live by and act by. Temple Israel’s use of LotsaHelpingHands will enable all of us to lend a helping hand, however we can, and to move us forward as that Kehilah Kedosha.

Even beyond helping others with serious needs, there are many other reasons to communicate, to ask for and give help in ordinary community relations.  Be part of a group that can occasionally offer help at a special minyan; lend a hand with a special project.  Part of a Temple committee?  Share activities and needs with the other members.  A child having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?  Coordinate your mutual needs through the LHH website?  Part of the Temple Youth Group?  Join your own members in planning things through LHH.  Part of PTO and planning a social event or project?  Organize and track it through LHH easily.   You’ll see how easy it is to communicate, offer or ask for help and be part of an interesting expanded Temple community.

If you have any problems or questions on registering, please notify LHH committee member Fred Feldman at or  603-580-5779.  If he’s not available, let Fran Berman (President) know at .   If you have a special need or matter requiring confidentiality or an interesting project with which you want help, please let Rabbi Senter know at .