Rolling and Tying the Scroll

9 Steps to the Perfect Gelilah (Rolling and Tying the Scroll)

  1. Come to the Bimah (pulpit) after the Torah reading is complete, along with the Hagbah.
  2. Stand near the chair where the Hagbah will sit.
  3. As the Hagbah sits, grab hold of the upper handles.
  4. Once the Hagbah is seated, roll the scroll tightly together (keep the seam in center).
  5. Place the Gartel—the belt—around the Torah and close it in place.
  6. Place the Mantel—the cover—on the Torah.
  7. Place the yad—the pointer—on the Torah.
  8. People will bless you with the words “Yasher Koach” (May you be rich in strength).
  9. Shake their hand and respond “Barukh tihyeh” (you should be blessed).