Opening the Ark

7 Steps to the Perfect P’tikhah (Opening the Ark)

  1. Come up to the Bimah near the end of Ain Kamokhah (page 117) and stand to the left of the Ark.
  2. Open the Ark as the Rabbi begins to chant the next paragraph, Vayehi binsoah (2nd paragraph on page 117).
    1. The string for the curtain is to the left.
    2. Open left door first.
  3. Close the Ark before the Reader recites the verses on page 120.
  4. Follow the Torah during the procession.
  5. Return to your seat.
  6. People will bless you with the words “Yasher Koach” (May you be rich in strength).
  7. Shake their hand and respond “Barukh tihyeh” (you should be blessed).