Adult Education


Temple Israel Adult Education:

(This Page  Undergoes Frequent Updates.   Check Back Often!)

Want to understand and take greater pleasure in the Hebrew words you use at services? Or understand your Aliyah or your child’s Haftarah portion? Come and learn easy grammar and vocabulary for a deeper appreciation of the songs and prayers: the Sh’ma, the V’ahavta, Adon Olam, Ein Keloheinu, Amidah, and more.


Prayerbook Hebrew Class. Using the book, Prayerbook Hebrew – The Easy Way (EKS), students are introduced to basic Hebrew vocabulary and grammatical rules for translating portions of liturgical Hebrew. The class is currently on Chapter 5. Basic knowledge of the Alef Bet is required, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Class meets on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. Jennifer and Kathryn are teaming up to lead this course. Tuition: $18.00. Text: $30.00.

Advanced Biblical Hebrew Grammar & Reading meets on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m.and uses the book The First Hebrew Primer (EKS) to study sophisticated grammar and vocabulary. We also practice navigating the structure of the Tanakh and follow the Book of Ruth. There are also entertaining digressions, including Hebrew in the Wild. Currently in Chapter 19 of the text. Instructor: Kathryn. Tuition: $18.00. Text: $40.00.

Classes meet in the Nancy Shaines Library

Please preregister through the office.  Contact instructors for more information – Jennifer Beard via phone, 607-237-5398, or Kathryn Mulhearn via phone, 207-351-5654, or email. Please also contact Jennifer or Kathryn to let them know if there is interest in a beginner’s class for learning Alef Bet.

In memory of Sam

The advanced class is mourning the loss of Sam Galzerano, a longtime student, not a member of the tribe, but one who found enormous strength for his journey in learning to read ancient Hebrew and refining a “Judeo-Christian” vision.  In memory of Sam, the class is making a donation to the library of Robert Alter’s magnificent new three-volume translation of the Hebrew Bible.  If you would like to contribute, please contact Kathryn.

 All Ages are Welcome.   Bring your Hebrew to the Next Level with easy, graded grammar and vocabulary to better enjoy Siddur & Torah reading.


A number of Adult Education classes and programs are offered during the year on a variety of topics.  You are welcome to suggest areas of interest to the Temple Community.  Please check back often for updated information and how to get involved. 




  • Bikkur Cholim : Our “Bikkur Cholim” committee reviews our congregation’s needs and how we can best address and serve those who are ill and homebound.  Contact  office for more information or how you can participate.


  • Tikkun Olam: Venture into the community to perform mitzvot.  Please join us if you can or contact the office if you are interested.  All are welcome to join us.







Why Study?

Everyone knows that when Hillel was asked to sum up Jewish teaching while standing on one foot, he said, “What is hurtful to you, do not do to your neighbor.” But then he added this: “The rest is commentary. Go and learn.”   We are never free from that mandate. It is the essence of our obligation and commitment as Jews to learn. Only then can the broad generality of “Love your neighbor” become focused, rooted in the accrued wisdom of our tradition, in how we understand our place in it, and in the future to which we aspire.   We are delighted to be able to offer to our community many diverse opportunities to “go learn”. Select one or more of these opportunities and seize it. You will do Hillel proud, and will, best of all, discover the joy of learning with peers.